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We are studying Shakespeare’s  Macbeth at the moment through drama, reading and writing.

I was so impressed with Stella’s write about the witches:

The cave was dark.  Nothing moved.  It was as scary as being in a horror movie but 10 times worse because it was real and it wouldn’t let you leave.

Just as you think it couldn’t get any worse, three figures appear from the shadows.  As quick as a flash, their scared faces, scruffy hair and their dirty ragged clothes dance around you say with their evil cackling voices, “Hear, he shall come.  I hear his big feet drum.  His feet will pound on the hard ground.  He will howl and the animal inside him will growl.  All hail Macbeth!”

The cave is now smoky and you will see the witches.  The old ugly witch would give you nightmares because of her eyes that are half in and half out.  The teenage witch will trick you into thinking she’s normal ….

Stella 5MJ

Miss Judge

2 thoughts on “Macbeth!

  1. I,Stella Ingold played as Macbeth in our play Macbeth.It was a great performance because none of us forgot anything and we all had loud voices so the croud could hear us.

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