Snowflake Biscuits.

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The first group from 6MJ came to the cafe to make their shortbread biscuits for next weeks celebration of their learning. They were each given a recipe to follow. Year 6 discovered that those who follow the given recipe are the most successful!

Icarus with year 6.

Year 6 baked shortbread angels wings, to serve to parents visiting school to see their work with Mrs Johnston. They have been studying the Greek myth about Icarus. Were you lucky enough to buy some of their spare biscuits on the playground, at the end of the day? If so, did you enjoy them?

A Big Thank You!

A huge thank you to my year 6 group of boys (Bailey, Brandon, Peter, Prabjeet, Cameron and Josiah) who made their Woollton Pies this afternoon. They were the quietest and most mature group that I have cooked with this year. Thank you boys, it was a pleasure to work with you😃