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Sports Day!

5JB took part in a brilliant Sports Day on Tuesday. It took place at Leeds Beckett University which was great as we had the use of a proper professional running track and a sizeable grassed area to work on. The children participated really well, worked hard and showed great resilience when running and taking part in the field activities.

Trip to Malham Cove

Year 5 had a brilliant trip to Malham Cove this week. We have been studying rivers and this was to see the source of the River Aire, a river we are familiar with in Leeds. We also climbed the Cove, sketched the scenery, identified flowers, trees, insects and farm animals and carried out a river study of the Aire, finding out which direction it flowed by using a compass, measuring the width, depth and speed at which the water flowed.

Refugee Week in 5JB

Due to this week being International Refugee Week. We organised 5JB an online workshop from The National Archives to be presented to the class. Everyone was able to investigate a number of sources and extracts based on the Basque refugees that fled Spain during the Spanish civil war to the UK looking for sanctuary.

Ancient Egyptian takeover!

The Year 5 team have been absolutely delighted by the vast array and quality of Ancient Egyptian projects that have burst through our doors this week. We have felt as if we had gone back in time to 2000BC! The effort that has gone into these projects is clear for all to see and we are thankful for your support and certain this has had a significant impact on furthering the children’s understanding of the Ancient Egyptians.


In science we did an investigation, using a Newton force meter, into which surface exerted the most friction onto the toy truck – tarmac playground, muddy field, dance hall floor. We found that the dance hall floor gave the most friction, which initially surprised us and then didn’t when we discussed and thought about it! Dancers do not want to slip and fall over. This provided a very useful extension and discussion point to our experiment. Some great scientific thinking and explaining in 5JB!

Miss Judge

Busy week in 5JB

It has been an exciting week in 5JB! Once again the class have undertook a number of activities, from a range of subjects in their stride. This includes both a fantastic steel pans session with Jermaine on Wednesday and creating their own Ancient Egyptian pyramids in History.

Forces investigation!

In 5JB we have been studying forces in Science. We experimented with parachutes, changing one variable to try and find out which would work the best considering either different materials for our parachute, different lengths of string attached to our Lego man, or different sizes of parachute. We were thinking about the forces of gravity and air resistance acting on a parachute and seeing which options were the most effective at slowing down the descent of the Lego man to Earth!

To infinity and Beyond🚀🌖

Once 5JB had returned to school after lockdown, we set them a space project. This required the class to create a project on either a planet or the entire solar system, the children were given full ownership of their learning and once they brought them in, it became abundantly clear that not only have they exceeded our expectations, some may say they went ‘to infinity and beyond’ (excuse the awful pun). The whole of the Year 5 team are delighted with the enthusiasm, dedication and thought that has clearly gone into these projects, please look at the selection of videos and pictures we have of them below! WELL DONE 5JB!!

Montgomery bus boycott 1955-1956

5JB in groups, re-enacted scenes from the Montgomery bus boycott which took place from 1955-1956. This was a significant moment in igniting the Civil Rights Movement as these peaceful protests opposing racial discrimination and segregation on American transport resulted in the banning of racial segregation on buses throughout America.

Red Nose Day 2021

5JB loved seeing the vast array of red noses some of their classmates were wearing today! From badgers to foxes, green flames to caterpillars the class had their own mini zoo on their noses. Well done to all of you for supporting such a worthwhile cause!