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To infinity and Beyond🚀🌖

Once 5JB had returned to school after lockdown, we set them a space project. This required the class to create a project on either a planet or the entire solar system, the children were given full ownership of their learning and once they brought them in, it became abundantly clear that not only have they exceeded our expectations, some may say they went ‘to infinity and beyond’ (excuse the awful pun). The whole of the Year 5 team are delighted with the enthusiasm, dedication and thought that has clearly gone into these projects, please look at the selection of videos and pictures we have of them below! WELL DONE 5JB!!

Montgomery bus boycott 1955-1956

5JB in groups, re-enacted scenes from the Montgomery bus boycott which took place from 1955-1956. This was a significant moment in igniting the Civil Rights Movement as these peaceful protests opposing racial discrimination and segregation on American transport resulted in the banning of racial segregation on buses throughout America.

Red Nose Day 2021

5JB loved seeing the vast array of red noses some of their classmates were wearing today! From badgers to foxes, green flames to caterpillars the class had their own mini zoo on their noses. Well done to all of you for supporting such a worthwhile cause!

5JB drama in RE

During our current RE topic ‘people of God’ we have been looking at the 10 commandments and why they are still relevant in today’s society. 5JB were given a variety of scenarios such as, deciding whether to help those in need (homelessness) etc. They then had to demonstrate how the situation would play out when following the commandments, and then ignoring them.

World Book Day 2021

For World book day 5JB have kindly recorded themselves reading some books for the children in KS1, I am so impressed with how excited they were to share some of their stories. Here is just a selection of the fantastic stories 5JB recorded.

A visit from Tom Palmer

Last week Year 5 were delighted to have a Q&A session with the Leeds ‘born & bred’ author Tom Palmer.

Tom spoke to us about the inspiration for many of his historical novels as well as his undying love of football (and Leeds United!)
Year 5 asked him many excellent questions about how he had become a writer, his favourite books and other football-related questions! Hopefully some of our young people were inspired by today’s session and could see themselves becoming Writers one day!