It’s a bit wet!

It has been raining quite a lot recently but have you seen the latest 100WC? Now that really is wet!

All you need to do is visit the 100WC website, write 100 words of your most inspirational writing based on the photo, post it here on the blog and let your teacher or Mr Magnall know before Friday. Get writing!

If you need more inspiration see what other people have written by clicking on the links below the picture.

100 Word Challenge Week 25

This week’s prompt Is designed to get you working on your conversational writing. I want you to have a go at using speech in your pieces. It doesn’t have to be very much but the prompt will help. It is:

…..??? asked ‘How can I help you?’…

The question marks are where you should put the name of whoever is speaking. As usual, you can use 100 words plus the six words in the prompt – 106 words altogether. Further details at

Georgia’s 100 word challenge-week 24

One Friday night , Lucy carefully crept into a fifty floored white mansion walked up a massive flight of swirly stairs to the very top floor. Looking around the very dull room Lucy spotted a dark , very hairy and huge spider. Lucy pushed the door open and screamed very loudly , “AAAAHHHHHHH!” and ran back down the steps. Exhausted she finally reached the bottom floor , but guess what? She found a gigantic box of fifty spiders ,  at the speed of light she pushed the very heavy box out of the way. Her friend Grace shouted , “ARE  YOU DONE YET LUCY!””NO I’M GETTING CHASED BY SPIDERS!” Lucy replied.






Aulon’s 100 Word Challenge

The bored inspector pushed open the damp door only to reveal a vast room full of scrambling spiders alarmed by the presence of a human, “Maybe a different room!” Muttered the terrified man as he wrote ‘Unsafe’ on his sheet of paper.

“What do you think?” queried the landlord. “Lets just say this is the most horrific restaurant I’ve ever seen in a LIFETIME!” shouted the man uneasily, “I’m pretty sure a spider just bit my finger! You need a miracle to save your disgusting, untidy, SPIDER INFESTED restaurant!”

He carefully opened the door and ran inside his white nineteen-fifty ferrari. The landlord sighed.



Lydia’s 100 word challenge-week 24

The frightened girl carefully crept into the deserted basement, when suddenly, a massive spider jumped in front of her. She screamed in horror. She pushed it out of the way and ran for dear life! Just then, she saw a bright, white light, about one-hundred metres away. She ran towards it, and went inside.

When she got out she looked around, and then stopped and stared. There, were fifty severed heads, lying in a pool of bright red blood. ”Yeugh!!” she screeched. Little did she know, the heads were still alive! One of them turned to look at her. ”EEEEEEEKKKKK!” she screamed loudly in terror.


100 Word Challenge – Week 24

This week’s 100 Word Challenge is a bit different. You must include the following five words in your writing:

Carefully Fifty Spider White Pushed

Including the words in the prompt that gives you 105 words. If you can, please make the five separate words stand out by making them bold. Write your piece, post it on the blog and let Mrs Johnston know. The deadline is midnight on the 20th March. Make sure you have a read of some of the other entries on the 100wc website and make some helpful comments.