Luckas’s winter weather good or bad

Winter weather good or bad

 A group of people are of the opinion that winter weather is great, however others believe that it should go back to Santa in the North Pole. To begin with winter weather is a great time to go sledging, it’s a wonderful sight to walk down the road and see snowmen on every drive and finally who doesn’t like snowball fights?

 Although others (adults) say that winter weather is horrible, firstly the car never starts, secondly the deicer is frozen and finally who likes frostbite, numb fingers and below zero temperatures.

 So that is the two competing arguments what do you think? Personally I adore winter weather numb fingers are just a small for the best snowball fight of history.

5sc – Five Sentence Challenge

The Five Sentence Challenge, or 5sc, is a competition where you have to write 5 complete sentences. That means full stops and capital letters. They can be any length but must be correct sentences.

You then post your five sentences onto your class blog and wait for your teacher to moderate it. 

Next you go to the 5sc website (which is also the 100 Word Challenge or 100wc website), scroll down the page to find the 5sc and paste the URL of your post together with your christian name, year group and school. Remember not to reveal any other information!

While you are there read some of the other entries. That is how we get our ideas!

Each competition runs for two weeks. The first one is on Winter Weather and closes on 15th February 2012.