Year 6 enjoyed using the new pizza oven in the school grounds, as you can see with very impressive and delicious results! Daniel Y. proved himself to be a master pizza maker – right down to swirling the dough above his head. The toppings were expertly placed and then cooked by Mr Moore, with the fire lit by Adam, a skill he learnt in bush craft lessons on the Herd Farm residential. Kaija sliced up the pizzas and served them up to all the willing testers. To follow there were also strawberries picked from our own strawberry beds (thank you Mrs Wake) with ice cream.

A lovely, happy and relaxed get together to celebrate all the hard work by Year 6.

Allerton’s Got Talent!


Allerton certainly has got talent and a talent for organising a talent show!

Year 6 pupils organised a talent show with acts from all across the school taking part, including a comedian, guitar player, a magician, robotic dancer, solo singers, and dance groups. The year groups taking part went from Reception up to Year 6 and the audience enjoyed a varied and entertaining line up.

The Judges made some interesting comments on the acts but the winner has yet to be decided and will be announced during the Assembly on Monday.

Well done all who took part for having the confidence and determination to perform on the stage in front of the whole school.




On Monday morning 18 children from year 6 were fortunate enough to visit Bettys cookery school, in Harrogate, to participate in a bread making lesson. We were greeted with juice and Bettys delicious shortbread before watching a bread making demonstration.

Next it was our turn. Everyone independently produced and shaped their own dough. Whilst the dough was being proved and baked we had a fascinating tour of the factory and chocolate room. The morning ended with a bread tasting and evaluation and a taste of Bettys delicious milk, white and plain chocolate! Everyone had a fantastic time.

Don’t we all look lovely dressed for our factory tour?


Pleased with, and proud of, Year 6!

A short post just to say a big well done to Year 6 in their efforts to revise for the upcoming SATs. I am so pleased with many people, to name just a few – Sasha for scoring 20/20 for the first time in a mental maths test; Caitlyn for her first time in the 30’s with her maths test paper; Harrison for doubling his scores and Adam for being 1 mark below a level 5 in his reading paper!

Keep it up!

M. Judge

Inspired by cob-puns too!

Below are examples of Year 6 responses to their creative and fun, messy yet enjoyable workshops whilst working on the Eco-shed.

Finally we learnt how to make the cob. It was awesome. I began to jump in mud/cob. Soon my wellies became too heavy so I began to jump barefoot. Squelch-stomp-squelch-stomp. By this time I was nearly completely covered in mud. We also laughed when I got off the seat to find mud on my behind!


A few explanations later, we had cob oozing through our toes! Yes you heard me-most of us did it barefoot. It was squelching and squeezing through everyone’s toes. We jumped. We laughed. We got absolutely covered in cob. However once the straw had been sprinkled in like salt and pepper,it HURT to trample in. It became a monster clawing and grabbing our poor, little, innocent feet.


At first I added to the bench by grabbing the cob and molding it into the shape of a bench. It had to be in every nook and cranny so I started to smack it with a piece of wood (this also got the air out). Even though it felt like I had been in a steam room for one hundred days, as the sun shone brightly and the work was hard, I kept going.


Every moment was enjoyable. Making the cob was the first activity and my favourite-especially when we pretended to make face masks. Next we sculpted whatever we wanted using cob, but disappointingly we had to crush and destroy them all! After that we smothered more cob onto the cob chair to apply more shape to the seat.


What does a builder that doesn’t want to tell a joke say?

I don’t think you can ‘cobe’ with it!     Hamas Ali


What do you call a helicopter powered by clay?

A helicobter!     Benedek 

Yesterday we did ‘Scrapshed’, which is a dirty yet exciting job because despite the fact that it was dirty it was fun. Bemused and perplexed, I didn’t consider the point in getting muddy although other people did and enjoyed it! Eventually I joined in and got my hand dirty by helping finish the shed.


As I discovered, after a few attempts, in order to create a nice, hard, rocky sculpture you need to start with soft, wet (but not too wet) clay. When I crafted my sculpture, I started with the body and worked my way up.It was easier this way although I had to concentrate very hard. Finally Jeff the giraffe was finished.



Walking in mud!!


What lovely weather we have had this week for walking in mud! Some of the class took part in a project to decorate a new “shed” on our playground. The results are looking really impressive. If you were involved (Ellie, Roman Daniel, Karishma, Adam, Hamas) and can explain what this was all about, please respond to this blog.

M Judge