Wildlife Area Restoration


Work continues to renovate the pond area.

Mrs Bah and year 6 are working to tidy and organize the pond area outside the Key Stage 2 building. They are having to be really careful when they are working to avoid the tiny little frogs that have emerged from the pond. The area should eventually look really attractive with flowering plants to attract the bees, a rockery and a paved area near the benches for relaxing.

Huge thanks to Mrs Bah who is directing operations!


We continue our studies into the Shakespeare Macbeth. This is inspiring some brilliant writing from Year 6. Please find below Yusuf’s description of what he thinks Lady Macbeth would look like:

Lady Macbeth:

Her small, round face is full of malice, her eyes cold and dark without any sign of warmth. The rings on her fingers make her hand movements jerky and twitchy. There’s always a malevolent smile on her face, as though she was ready to strangle you! Her robes are black and grey, never any bright colour, as if she’s never seen the light of day. Nobody enjoys the prospect of seeing her. She seems barely alive, kept living because of the evil and spirits inside her.


Update from Robinwood!









Having a brilliant time at Robinwood as you can see. Everybody loving it and participating fully. Who knew we had so many excellent covers, rock climbers and trapeze artists!

A morning of activities and then we look forward to seeing everybody back at school at 4 p.m. I think some are looking forward to a night’s sleep with no talking!

Miss Judge


Yard long runner beans

Y6 gardening

Year 6 planted some runner beans this week, interestingly called “yard long” beans. We are going to have our own bean plants and see if they really do grow to a “yard long” and whose is the longest before the children have to leave our school to go to high school.

What is the metric equivalent of a yard?

Witches in Macbeth!


We started our work on Shakespeare’s Macbeth this week and it is proving to be a real stimulus for excellent drama and writing.

Below are some powerful phrases taken from the writing, inspired by our dramatization of the witches:

The evil that surrounds her, silences happiness and withers beauty.

Her face is so long it looks like it is melting and falling off.

Standing in a shadow makes her almost invisible clothes, blacker than the dark of night.

Her whispers ring in your ears as you walk home.

Her hair is fine as spiders’ webs, knotty and greasy.

We are really enjoying this work and looking forward to the next part of the play ……..

Image of Year 6!


Thank you to John who took this fun picture of the Year 6 children, shortly after they completed their last SAT paper. All worked really hard and deserved this moment in the sun spelling out the initials of our school (some did complain a little about lying on the playground though).

Year 6 have proved this week that they really are ACE!

Miss Judge