Aulon’s 100 Word Challenge

The bored inspector pushed open the damp door only to reveal a vast room full of scrambling spiders alarmed by the presence of a human, “Maybe a different room!” Muttered the terrified man as he wrote ‘Unsafe’ on his sheet of paper.

“What do you think?” queried the landlord. “Lets just say this is the most horrific restaurant I’ve ever seen in a LIFETIME!” shouted the man uneasily, “I’m pretty sure a spider just bit my finger! You need a miracle to save your disgusting, untidy, SPIDER INFESTED restaurant!”

He carefully opened the door and ran inside his white nineteen-fifty ferrari. The landlord sighed.



100wc – Week 21

This week’s 100 Word Challenge is:

….oh dear! I forgot it was Leap Year!…

Including the words in the prompt that gives you 108 words. Write your piece, post it on the blog and let Mrs Johnston know. The deadline is midnight on the 28th February. Make sure you have a read of some of the other entries on the 100wc website and make some helpful comments.

Oh, don’t forget that it’s a Leap Year!

100 Word Challenge

The 100 Word Challenge, or 100wc, is a is a weekly creative writing challenge where you have to write up to 100 words based on a prompt provided on the 100wc website. That means full stops, capital letters, proper punctuation and good grammar. You then post your 100wc onto your class blog and wait for your teacher to moderate it.

Next you go to the 100wc website and enter your piece by pasting the URL of your post together with your christian name, year group and school. Remember not to reveal any other information!

While you are there read some of the other entries and make some helpful and constructive comments on other people’s work.

Each competition runs for a week usually from midnight on Wednesdays until midnight the following Tuesday.