On Monday morning 18 children from year 6 were fortunate enough to visit Bettys cookery school, in Harrogate, to participate in a bread making lesson. We were greeted with juice and Bettys delicious shortbread before watching a bread making demonstration.

Next it was our turn. Everyone independently produced and shaped their own dough. Whilst the dough was being proved and baked we had a fascinating tour of the factory and chocolate room. The morning ended with a bread tasting and evaluation and a taste of Bettys delicious milk, white and plain chocolate! Everyone had a fantastic time.

Don’t we all look lovely dressed for our factory tour?


Valentine Disco

Year 6 are hosting a Valentine’s Day disco for KS2 on Thursday 14th February. Tickets cost £2 and include food and a drink. Letters with all the details have been sent out to all classes. All profits will go towards the year 6 residential in June. Join us for a fantastic night out!!!

Children in Need

Year 6 were very proud of the fund raising efforts of some of its members this week. Indi, Leah and Amber worked hard painting nails and selling very stylish handmade jewellery. Scarlet and Georgina worked hard painting faces. Some children also baked biscuits to sell on the playground.

An example of their bracelets:-

We are not sure of the final total raised yet. Some pupils are keen to continue fund raising next week.

I am very proud that year 6 are so thoughtful and considerate of the needs of others.