Dig For Victory!

Year 6 have been studying World War 2.

Since the Germans are blockading our ports and sinking ships bringing food to our shores we need to grow more of our own food. The school grounds have several areas which we could dig up to grow more food. We identified seven areas, measured them and used Google and Textease Spreadsheet to caculate the cost of planting the whole area with potatoes assuming that Year 6 contribute the labour for free!

Here are two of the reports that we wrote to our Head Teacher, Mrs Stott:

[gview file=”http://https://5jb.aceprimary.uk/files/2012/11/School-Grounds-by-Amber.pdf”]

[gview file=”http://https://5jb.aceprimary.uk/files/2012/11/school-grounds-by-Georgina.pdf”]